Voice hack in WhatsApp

So who doesn’t use WhatsApp for daily Communications. With the changes brought in WhatsApp for staying in touch bysending images, sending video, sending documents sending voice messages WhatsApp is definitely one of the greatest communication tool invented in Mobile technology.

Most of us do use WhatsApp, but the one feature which is very less used is Push to talk messages.

PTT (Push to Talk) messages work much like in a fashion in which good old days, walkie talkies used to work. You press the button and then talk into the microphone and you release PTT button.

There is a small mic button on every WhatsApp chat that you open at the lower left corner or at the place where you usually attached the file from the White space where you type. You just have to press that button and keep it pressed while pouring your heart out by talking into the microphone and release that microphone button, once you feel your have talked enough. Once you release, the message would be recorded and sent to your chat.

Just talk to your heart out feel like your actually talking with you with your friend. The best part about using voice message is you can leave offline messages and person on the other end , would listen to it. You can also check to see if your sent voice message is sent to the server, is seen by your friend on his device and is played by your friend on his device.

There is a small issue when you are in your office environment and someone leaves you voice message and it really really feels bad to listen to a voice message which is quite person in nature.

Hack tip.

There is a small hack for this approach which is called in ear approach. You just have to play that message and put your phone like you have just received the call.

WhatsApp would play that message in your ear speaker not in your phone speaker, that we equal keep your private messages private and be in touch with your friends.

Another reason why you should be sending push it of messages to each other is you don’t have to type using the keyboard you just have to pour your heart out with your thoughts and use PTT messages.

Off course, do send / share this link to your person in chat for knowing the functionality of PTT messages, and let them too know what PTT messages could be used. And how can they be listened in office environment.

PS: this blog is being published by using voice messages. I have just spoken to the speaker and those words are transformed into words and then their transformation is performed into this blog post



I am Salman Khwaja, QA Consultant, cum web application security consultant roles cum SecDevOps personal and I would be talking with my heart out on this blog.

On line Banking / Mobile Banking :: Rambling of SCB Mobile Bank update.

With the growing use of Mobile banking, people are compelled to use the Mobile Apps, but they forget the security option behind it at times. Mobile apps, do provide a lot of benefit, but if it lacks proper testing, validation, security testing, it is bound to fail. Recently SCB has launched updates on their mobile app.

People were having mixed views about (positive) Finger print logging in to mobile app, and (negative) Secure keyboard (which doesn’t have special characters), since SCB representative has responded to me, that their change password process does not allow to have special characters. When inquired with different colleagues, who have special characters already in their password, they are completely left out from the new update of SCB new mobile app update, since secure keyboard doesn’t have any special character support. Untill SCB decides to update their app with some support for special characters, here is the solution they can count on.

  1. Install your favorite browser, which can be chrome, firefox. opera. I have chosen to work with FireFox.
  2. photo_2016-10-22_12-15-53photo_2016-10-22_12-16-04
  3. Once installed, open the browser, and open private / in cognito window, and search on google for Sc.com/pkphoto_2016-10-22_12-15-35photo_2016-10-22_12-15-50
  4. Login to SC.com/pk LOGIN Screen.


  5. SCB has updated their mobile app to such an extent, that their screen now show mobile interface as well as desktop interface.
    The difference between mobile and desktop is that in mobile, you can’t add beneficiary, while in Desktop you can.
    Perform your transactions, and then log out.


As an added benefit, UN install your browser to flush the traces of your banking.

SC usually corresponds to twitter on @StanchartHelp twitter handle and they have region wise on line presence on social media too. Let’s see when they update their app to incorporate the user which already have special characters in their password. Untill then, users who want to use their mobile, may continue the browser approach.

What’s a Mobile Wallet ?

Recently, I happen to attend Mobile Commerce on March 13, 2014 in Movenpick. Following are some of reports which are covered on Pakistani Social Media Scene.

(Mr. Ashraf Mahmood’s Speech about Mobile Commerce)

The panelists were Department head of Mobile Financial Services, namely, Mobilink’s Mobi Cash and Warid’s Time Pey to name a few. There was a small discussion of what is a Mobile Wallet. One of them was saying that make an Application (App) for a Bank’s Credit / Debit Card; that ‘s your Mobile Wallet. REALLY.

In IT Industry, one is always amazed about how a Person could start beating around the bush, without ever distilling the core concept of it.

Wouldn’t be a Mobile Wallet be something as simple as a Wallet that we (MEN) keep in our pants or women keep in their purses / cluches ? Wouldn’t a Mobile Wallet be as simple as a Wallet and it’s purpose ?

Let’s distill what’s a wallet, shall we. A wallet has CASH, our Credit Cards, Our Debit Cards, and some loyalty cards that we choose to. At the time of Transaction, we decide to choose, whether we do it via Cash, Credit / Debit Card and use Loyalty points along with it.

Would a Mobile wallet be any different ? I do think not.

A Mobile Wallet has to be an App, not tied to a Specific BANK. It has to be an app, which can hold CASH, AKA Credits points like Mobi Cash / Time pey / Etcetera. Then it has to have the ability to store Credit Cards / Debit Cards (digitally encrypted) in them. Plus it would be having some loyalty point system like Olaround (http://www.olaround.me/), or recently OntheGo.pk (http://onthego.pk/)  (if they start Loyalty Programs).

So at the time of Transaction, all the person would be doing is choosing which Credit / Debit Card / Credit points to use and if possible, can the loyalty points be used with it or redeem something along with that transaction. That Transaction could be done via NFC, or by scanning QR Codes (like what Olaround does). That’s all there is to it. Nothing complex.

Even Google Wallet has similar views (http://www.google.com.pk/wallet/). And we have a Google Wallet App too.

So What I am saying is that Mobile Wallet is a very simple concept, Yet its implementation is complex and has to be done by some third party processors not associated with one single bank.

I would be waiting for further comments.

Sure way to lure more customers to your Service

A sure shot way to lure your customers to your place is giving them your location in the easiest possible way, possibly on their Mobile Phones. Heres how.

These days, organizations are asking Food Bloggers / Critics to blog about their product (be that service / restaurant / a Corporate Company). One thing which lacks (at times) is the location. When we visit a Food Blog, or a restaurant being reviewed, the reviewer talk about the aroma, the presentation, they even post High resolution pictures, which is so tempting, but what they don’t provide is the Location. Location of where that restaurant is at. Same is the case with Corporate companies. All they provide is the Textual information of their post mail address.

Take a reader’s point of view. If he is reading a Blog post about a restaurant, he might be making his mind to go to that place once he gets the free time. He would love to transfer some link to his smart phone. What choice do the site gives to that user ? Currently none.

Now Imagine if one could include a link of website of Restaurant being reviewed, better if the contact details / phone number is provided, great if the direct link to Google Maps is provided, awesome if the QR Code with all the details is provided, so that the read could just scan that QR Code, and all the details are transferred to their mobile phone.

QR Code (Quick Response Technology) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code ) is not new and we haven’t seen the potential in it, until Olaround (https://twitter.com/OlaroundMe ) ( http://www.olaround.me/ ) started this technology in Pakistan recently about scanning QR Codes and getting discounts.

Let me give you a small glimpse of what a QR Code could do.

Enter QR Code generator. http://goqr.me/. One can generate a QR Code for literally anything. Be that a big chunk of Text one could save it to their mobile phone, be that a Google Maps location, an Email Address, a number to call (so that the phone dialer is directly opened with that number), or a complete V Card (Contact details).

Now the user stories.

  • Imagine a Job Seeker wants to know where that company is. He goes to that company’s Website. Scans the QR Code having the Google Map location, and walla. Now he could go to that Company for Job interview.
  • A person coming to a restaurant, a he found a job vacancy in a magazine. That Job Vacancy is displayed QR Code. He scans it, and he has now all the requirements, JD, and an Email address to mail to in his mobile.
  • A reader reading a Restaurant review on a website. The Reviewer has given a QR Code on his blog which points to the Location of that restaurant being reviewed. The reader scans the QR Code, and how his mobile has the location opened in Google maps, so that he can go there whenever he wishes to.

Building the same example above, I present the QR Code of a random Google Map location which is mapped to Hardees (One of my favorite restaurant) in Karachi, North Nazimabad.

QR Code for Hardees Google Map Location.

You can use your Mobile / QR Scanner right now, to see this QR code in Action. PS: you need QR code app (links Listed below) installed on your SMART Phone

All the reader has to do is scan the QR Code into your cell phone and boom, a Google Map will be displayed with Hardees set as Target destination, and Source destination will be the current location of the Coordinate where the Cell phone is at. All the user has to do is click get directions, and he will be displayed with turn by turn navigation of how s/he will be going from where s/he is at, to hardees location (in this case).

QR Code scanners are free to download, and if your android phone is updated with the latest version of Google NOW / Google Search, then you do not need to download any further QR Code scanner.

For Android users, following apps can be downloaded.

For I-Phone users, the following links will show you the app, you could install on your IPhone

and what’s more, Our NADRA has implemented the QR Code technology in their SMART Cards. Don’t believe me, have a look at this blog post ( http://faisalbasra.blogspot.com/2013/01/nadra-pakistan-goes-with-chip-enabled.html ) and picture (the picture is off course scrambled, so that personal details are kept hidden). link to picture. NADRA SNIC Card having QR Code

In other words, we see corporate companies providing their location as QR Codes, providing their Job Vacancies as QR codes in Magazines, Blog Posts, Facebook Pages, Twitter tweets, Restaurants giving their location as QR Codes on their websites, reviewers providing the reviewed service’s location as QR Code location. Wouldn’t that be a great moment.

You can always share your thoughts in comments section. Hey I won’t bite you if you could share a better solution or if you outright reject my opinion. Opinions are formed, because they might be conflicting and genuine.

What skill would you most like to learn in 2012?

Today when I was wandering on the net, my gtalk buzzed. What skill would I learn in 2012. Here goes.

– learn one new language. Arabic or French. One being language of Quran,  other bieng of love.
– learn new programming language
– learn to be more humble human. More controlled temperament,  emotions.
– praise someone genuinely and let them really give the idea of real appreciation.  These days many take actual praise as false, and then one has to tell them, that is it for real.
– be more in tune with my spiritual side.

Microsoft Vista – Source Code Humour

Today, I was searching for some images for Source code, and came across a very good humorist image for the Source code, especially if it deals with Microsoft.

Microsoft is known to steal from Mac OSX, and this image depicts the following.

Enjoy reading the code.


If you are from non-IT background, and by NON-IT, I do mean, Accounts, Finance, Human Resources, Administration, or anything whose job functions are not dealing with reading / writing Source Codes, you might feel dizziness. (Ahem, does this looks like a cigarette warning? )

Typed an Email in Coded language

Today, I was typing an email about asking something from my fellow responders and by typing some mail, I, by chance, asked them something in truly coded manner. Seem like my coding skills are taking over my communication skills. It is these mess ups that we need to avoid when talking / emailing to humans. They might sometimes, think, that we are a bit less human and more computers. Below is the extract from the mail.

Meeting request

How does tomorrow, Tuesday, 06 July 2010 @ 1100 hours sound?

If yes,
   then I will formalize the meeting by sending the meeting request
   propose your free time in this week.
End if

Needless to say, that I didn’t send this format of Email ;). The line breaks were replaced with commas and a complete sentence was formed. May be it’s the Monday blues that’s causing me to do this.