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On line Banking / Mobile Banking :: Rambling of SCB Mobile Bank update.

With the growing use of Mobile banking, people are compelled to use the Mobile Apps, but they forget the security option behind it at times. Mobile apps, do provide a lot of benefit, but if it lacks proper testing, validation, security testing, it is bound to fail. Recently SCB has launched updates on their mobile app.

People were having mixed views about (positive) Finger print logging in to mobile app, and (negative) Secure keyboard (which doesn’t have special characters), since SCB representative has responded to me, that their change password process does not allow to have special characters. When inquired with different colleagues, who have special characters already in their password, they are completely left out from the new update of SCB new mobile app update, since secure keyboard doesn’t have any special character support. Untill SCB decides to update their app with some support for special characters, here is the solution they can count on.

  1. Install your favorite browser, which can be chrome, firefox. opera. I have chosen to work with FireFox.
  2. photo_2016-10-22_12-15-53photo_2016-10-22_12-16-04
  3. Once installed, open the browser, and open private / in cognito window, and search on google for Sc.com/pkphoto_2016-10-22_12-15-35photo_2016-10-22_12-15-50
  4. Login to SC.com/pk LOGIN Screen.


  5. SCB has updated their mobile app to such an extent, that their screen now show mobile interface as well as desktop interface.
    The difference between mobile and desktop is that in mobile, you can’t add beneficiary, while in Desktop you can.
    Perform your transactions, and then log out.


As an added benefit, UN install your browser to flush the traces of your banking.

SC usually corresponds to twitter on @StanchartHelp twitter handle and they have region wise on line presence on social media too. Let’s see when they update their app to incorporate the user which already have special characters in their password. Untill then, users who want to use their mobile, may continue the browser approach.


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