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Voice hack in WhatsApp

So who doesn’t use WhatsApp for daily Communications. With the changes brought in WhatsApp for staying in touch bysending images, sending video, sending documents sending voice messages WhatsApp is definitely one of the greatest communication tool invented in Mobile technology.

Most of us do use WhatsApp, but the one feature which is very less used is Push to talk messages.

PTT (Push to Talk) messages work much like in a fashion in which good old days, walkie talkies used to work. You press the button and then talk into the microphone and you release PTT button.

There is a small mic button on every WhatsApp chat that you open at the lower left corner or at the place where you usually attached the file from the White space where you type. You just have to press that button and keep it pressed while pouring your heart out by talking into the microphone and release that microphone button, once you feel your have talked enough. Once you release, the message would be recorded and sent to your chat.

Just talk to your heart out feel like your actually talking with you with your friend. The best part about using voice message is you can leave offline messages and person on the other end , would listen to it. You can also check to see if your sent voice message is sent to the server, is seen by your friend on his device and is played by your friend on his device.

There is a small issue when you are in your office environment and someone leaves you voice message and it really really feels bad to listen to a voice message which is quite person in nature.

Hack tip.

There is a small hack for this approach which is called in ear approach. You just have to play that message and put your phone like you have just received the call.

WhatsApp would play that message in your ear speaker not in your phone speaker, that we equal keep your private messages private and be in touch with your friends.

Another reason why you should be sending push it of messages to each other is you don’t have to type using the keyboard you just have to pour your heart out with your thoughts and use PTT messages.

Off course, do send / share this link to your person in chat for knowing the functionality of PTT messages, and let them too know what PTT messages could be used. And how can they be listened in office environment.

PS: this blog is being published by using voice messages. I have just spoken to the speaker and those words are transformed into words and then their transformation is performed into this blog post



I am Salman Khwaja, QA Consultant, cum web application security consultant roles cum SecDevOps personal and I would be talking with my heart out on this blog.

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