Watch “Erlang Factory SF 2015 Keynote – From WhatsApp to Outer Space” on YouTube

Little do we know that Whatsapp, the de facto messenger we take for granted, is made on Erlang and that many other superior, high voluminous traffic software are made on Erlang. Watch the video to see.

How to save any Youtube video to your local system

These days, we frequently watch youtube video and a lot of times, we think, gosh I need to save this file on my PC locally.

Here is how and what you need to do.

First off, make sure, you have VLC player installed and a browser off course.

  1. Copy the desired URL from browser, open VLC.
  2. CTRL + N (Open Network Stream).
  3. Paste the URL. Wait for the Video to load in VLC. Once video is open, CTRL +J (Tools > Codec Information). At bottom of that dialog box, TRIPLE click and copy the whole URL.
  4. Switch to browser. CTRL + T (New Tab), CTRL + V (Paste) and ENTER.
  5. Once video is loaded, right click on Video and choose SAVE AS.

Voila, Video would be saved on your PC.