The Social Network :: Movie Review.

This movie is the complete history of Facebook, when it was being developed in the dorm rooms of Harvard, KirkLand house. A nice history of how things evolved when Facebook was not in the scene.

What I loved about this movie, is that all the Open source tools are displayed in it. Movie directors are having an IT geek with them these days. The guy is shown blogging on Live Journal on a net book, and that too, using HTML editor not the rich text editor. The guy is also shown as using Linux Terminal having all the expertise of making and developing a PHP / Apache powered website. Thank god, they didn’t show Microsoft Visual Studio with a Facebook page being developed. You may see and read the complete history of Facebook here.

Last but not the least, I loved the ending part, of how the whole Facebook fiasco was ended.

Nonetheless, the movie ends, when the Facebook Lead developer is left staring at profile of a young lady lawyer, who tells him, he is just trying to be jerk.

I mean come on, he is the lead developer of Facebook. He could have be-freinded her. Why was he just staring at her profile?

All in all, if you are geek, and love Web applications, you would like The Social Network.

If you are just a casual user of Facebook, this might be a bit disappointment.

I present you the trailer of Social Network.

Movie Review :: Vantage Point.

Awesome !.

That’s what I would say to this movie. Actually it gives the perspective of different people in the same time frame. The time frame in which there is bomb blast. First perspective is of reporter, second is of a security personnel, third is of a camera man, fourth is of the bomb blaster.

In the end, the whole perspective is converged into one whole picture. The whole time frame shown might be half an hour. That is the bueaty of this movie. Similar movie on the same genre are Pulp Fiction, The Air I breathe.

Highly recommend to watch.

Rating: PG
Rating: 5 out of 5
Story Line: 4 our of 5
Gripping content: 5 out of 5. You will be glued to your seats.