Learning HTML 5 [Part 1]

I was just browsing on the net for HTML 5 and I got this one of the cool features, where a user can directly edit the content of the page.
Awesome effect.

<pre><!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
     <meta charset="utf-8">
     <title>You Can Edit This</title>
     <h1>I Mean, You Can Really Edit This</h1>
     <p contenteditable=true>
     Just double click this text, and start typing. You will be editing this content in your browser. Goto File > Save and the HTML source code for the changed content will be displayed to you.


Now this is one of the great power of HTML 5 to come. Let’s see what else the new Web holds for us.

Server time out when php script takes too long to execute.

Most of the time, if the php script is process intensive on client end, by default, the APACHE server times out the script. If the script is timing out on server, one needs to add a small line on the top of the script.


Microsoft Vista – Source Code Humour

Today, I was searching for some images for Source code, and came across a very good humorist image for the Source code, especially if it deals with Microsoft.

Microsoft is known to steal from Mac OSX, and this image depicts the following.

Enjoy reading the code.


If you are from non-IT background, and by NON-IT, I do mean, Accounts, Finance, Human Resources, Administration, or anything whose job functions are not dealing with reading / writing Source Codes, you might feel dizziness. (Ahem, does this looks like a cigarette warning? )