Power Search

The internet is a huge place, and one may get lost when there is no direction. Also, if there is no direction, the person may wander in all the directions. Plus with the advent of so many Search Engines, be that Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, and many others, there are times, when these search engines are giving different / same results depending on the index that they are having.

Still, for a conscious person (surfer) who is gathering information from the web, tries to looks are all the sources, as to verify each and every results. Whenever, we do this kind of  stuff, that is, simultaneously searching on different search engines, we sometimes get lost. To overcome this problem, I developed Power Search. Yes, the idea is very similar to what Firefox offers are their search engine at the top right corner, but this one is with a twist. It is a full-blown web page, where simple information, like Chosen Search Engine and Entered Keyword is in front of the user all the time. Anytime, if there is need to change either one, it is simply a matter of few clicks.

When I developed the power search, I has no idea it will be liked by people. Now, that I have developed, and I have started using it, I asked, myself, why not public it, so that others could also benefit from it. So here I go with this post for illustrating how easy it is to search using Power Search (http://bit.ly/Power-Search).

Following are the few of the features presented in Power Search.

Weather Forecast

  1. Choose, “Weather Forecast” or “Mozilla Forecast” from the Search Engines.
  2. Type City name, example “Karachi
  3. Press ENTER. Complete Weather information will be displayed.

Search within Twitter

  1. Choose “Twitter Search (Plain)” from the search Engines
  2. type twitter username, any trending term, or a complete customized string. More on Customized String here.
  3. Press ENTER.

Search twitter for tweets from a specific user

  1. Choose “Twitter Search (Posted From)” from the search Engines
  2. type the twitter username without the @ sign.
  3. Press ENTER. It will display the most recent posts from that user.

Word Mania


  1. Choose “Dictionary” or “Webster” or “Urban Dictionary” from the search Engines
  2. type the word whose meaning you’ve been aching to learning
  3. Press ENTER.


Thesaurus comes handy when you are looking for different words having the same meanings.

  1. Choose “Thesaurus” from the search Engines
  2. type the word whose meaning you’ve been aching to learning
  3. Press ENTER.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is another fancy way to look at words.

  1. Choose “Visual Thesaurus” from the search Engines
  2. type the word whose meaning you’ve been aching to learning
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. After a few seconds, once the page is loaded, click “LOOK IT UP” to see the word associations in action.


Anagrams are another interesting things in Words. Anagram is the process of  moving the positions of letters in a word and forming one or more words.

  1. Choose “Anagrams (Wordsmith.org)” from the search Engines
  2. type the big word. Usually this is performed when you are looking for different combination of word.
  3. Press ENTER


Acronyms are the short forms of words we usually find when people who are too lazy to type the whole word. For keeping in touch with those short forms, use Acronym Finder

  1. Choose “Acronym Finder” from the search Engines
  2. Type the short form. For example, RTOFL
  3. Press ENTER

Movies (Internet Movie Database)

Where else would you be going to know about your favorite movies. Internet Movie Database.

  1. Choose “IMBD – Internet Movie Database” from the search Engines
  2. Type the short form. For example, “Matrix
  3. Press ENTER


Your report is done, but you need to jazz it up with the right kind of images at the right place. Try these embedded search engines.

  1. Choose either one these
    1. Google Life Images (this will provide the older images of the searched term.)
    2. Google Images
    3. Flickr
  2. Type your report keyword. For example if you are reviewing Matrix Movie, try using Matrix, Oracle, Agent Smith.
  3. Press ENTER

Blogging by Email :: Now being provided by Word Press.

I am simply falling in love with word press. Back in the days when I thinking to choose whether or not choose Blogger or Word Press. I was stuck in the middle of Blogger and Word press, and end up having two accounts, one on blogger and one on word press.


Blogger has blogging by Email, while word press has coolest themes. I now hereby endorse, that Word press is really cool in terms of personal / corporate blogging. The only one thing / feature, which word press was lacking in comparison to Blogger was blogging by Email. Now, our dear Word press is giving that opportunity to blog by email also.

Now, if anyone, out there, can please tell me, whether or not Blogger is better than Word Press. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, I really do not argue with the fact that, google is behind blogger, and it has to be better than Word press, still, with the small magnitude of my blog, I think Word press is taking over blogger, for me.

Word press you simply ROCK.

Also, I loved the fact that, we can add tags, categories and loads of other thing along with Email.

More information can be read here.