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Blogging by Email :: Now being provided by Word Press.

I am simply falling in love with word press. Back in the days when I thinking to choose whether or not choose Blogger or Word Press. I was stuck in the middle of Blogger and Word press, and end up having two accounts, one on blogger and one on word press.


Blogger has blogging by Email, while word press has coolest themes. I now hereby endorse, that Word press is really cool in terms of personal / corporate blogging. The only one thing / feature, which word press was lacking in comparison to Blogger was blogging by Email. Now, our dear Word press is giving that opportunity to blog by email also.

Now, if anyone, out there, can please tell me, whether or not Blogger is better than Word Press. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, I really do not argue with the fact that, google is behind blogger, and it has to be better than Word press, still, with the small magnitude of my blog, I think Word press is taking over blogger, for me.

Word press you simply ROCK.

Also, I loved the fact that, we can add tags, categories and loads of other thing along with Email.

More information can be read here.



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