The Social Network :: Movie Review.

This movie is the complete history of Facebook, when it was being developed in the dorm rooms of Harvard, KirkLand house. A nice history of how things evolved when Facebook was not in the scene.

What I loved about this movie, is that all the Open source tools are displayed in it. Movie directors are having an IT geek with them these days. The guy is shown blogging on Live Journal on a net book, and that too, using HTML editor not the rich text editor. The guy is also shown as using Linux Terminal having all the expertise of making and developing a PHP / Apache powered website. Thank god, they didn’t show Microsoft Visual Studio with a Facebook page being developed. You may see and read the complete history of Facebook here.

Last but not the least, I loved the ending part, of how the whole Facebook fiasco was ended.

Nonetheless, the movie ends, when the Facebook Lead developer is left staring at profile of a young lady lawyer, who tells him, he is just trying to be jerk.

I mean come on, he is the lead developer of Facebook. He could have be-freinded her. Why was he just staring at her profile?

All in all, if you are geek, and love Web applications, you would like The Social Network.

If you are just a casual user of Facebook, this might be a bit disappointment.

I present you the trailer of Social Network.

Movie Review :: THE CAR (1977)

This weekend, when I was watching the movie, "CARS" I was told by my dad about the movie "The CAR". Went for the download and walla. I was in for the treat. While the movie story line was not that good, I loved the way whole story progressed and the best things was it was unpredictable. This movie is really a good one, if you look at it, from the movie making in 1977. Yep, if one compares it from the point of whether or not it makes sense, I really think, you would be missing the whole point.

I present you the trailers of that movie.

and The Wraith vs The Car

Movie Review :: the Bucket List.

The Bucket ListTagline: When he closed his eyes, his heart was opened
Starring: Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

Bucket list is a movie about two old grumpy men, who have lived their
lives. They are both met in a hospital where both of them think that
there will be an end to their lives. So at the time of discussion, one
of documents the bucket list, things to do, before they die, and the
other old person says, that, I have lots of money to achieve this list.
Lets do it. The whole comedy starts from this point. The director has
worked in a good way to show the different angles with which both of
the actors look at same concepts / things in life.

IMDB Link (

Overall, a good mellow dramatic movie to kill your 1 and a half hour.

Movie Review :: Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye, the concept technology, that higher authorities are being able to eves drop us even just through our mobile phones, even though we are not using them. The same concept as of the Movie Enemy of the state. I loved the high powered action which glued me to my seats when I was watching the movie. The end, was off course… should I be really telling you this?

Movie Review :: Max Payne

Max Payne. This movie was based on a game. So it makes quite a lot of sense to compare it with the game. Anyone, not played the game, MAX PAYNE, won’t be appreciating this movie. Yes, those who have played the same, they might be appreciating it. Like I do.

So please, my word, if you have played Max Payne, only then you should be watching this movie, otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Story: Same as of game
Fight Sequences: Most of fight sequences are copied from game.

Movie Review :: SlumDog Millionaire

Another nice movie to watch this week.

We take so many information in our usual life time. Yet we, fail, at times, to recall them.

This movie talks about the same trivial thing. There is a guy named, JAMAL who wins 20 million ruppees (Indian) in Kaun banaga KarroorPath (Who would become a Millionaire). All the questions, asked in his game, their answers are hidden in his life, as it moves.

Over all, its a good movie to watch especially when the indian producers are planning to switch to alternative storylines.

Movie Review :: The incredible Hulk.

Another awesome movie. Only this time, the cast was changed. The original person who came in as the hulk in Hulk one, was a lot better than this one. However, the HULK in this movie was quite big in size. Lots of good graphic motions, where hulk takes out the complete engine of jeep and throws it.

This movie would have been better if original cast is used.

I loved the last part, when Tony Starks (IRON MAN) comes. So the Hulk 3, would be a combination (read fight sequences) of Hulk and IRON MAN. It would be quite interesting to watch.

Movie Ratings: 4 out of 5
Graphic Animations: 4 out of 5.
Story Line: 3 out of 5. At some point, I moved away from the movie. So It does not have the keep you glued to your seats thing in them.