How to share You Tube Video on Specific Time

I have been sharing you tube videos to my friends and family, but I recently came across an idea of how to share a youtube video on a specific time.

A concept very similar to HTML hyperlinks, where one could point to a specific point in a whole document. Googled some, and I was surprised to see there is a solution.

Just grab the URL of YouTube, append &t=5m30s (this translates to 5 minute and 30 seconds) in the url and press enter in browser. The video will load exactly @ 5 minutes 30 second if it longer than 5 minutes 30 seconds.

So for example, if the video link is,

just append &t=50s, the URL becomes

You can see the same video below, one starting from beginning and one starting from 50 seconds.

And the same video jumped to 50 seconds for you to watch.

Just in case you are wondering which video is this. This is a Google’s File Go video made for April Fool’s Joke, where they will detect bad jokes on your Mobile Phone.

So next time, you are watching a you tube video, and feel like sharing the video at a specific time, you know what do to.

The same URL scheme could be appended in sharing the You tube link in what’s app / chat messengers.

Any thoughts on this tip? Don’t be shy to share your comments.

How to save any Youtube video to your local system

These days, we frequently watch youtube video and a lot of times, we think, gosh I need to save this file on my PC locally.

Here is how and what you need to do.

First off, make sure, you have VLC player installed and a browser off course.

  1. Copy the desired URL from browser, open VLC.
  2. CTRL + N (Open Network Stream).
  3. Paste the URL. Wait for the Video to load in VLC. Once video is open, CTRL +J (Tools > Codec Information). At bottom of that dialog box, TRIPLE click and copy the whole URL.
  4. Switch to browser. CTRL + T (New Tab), CTRL + V (Paste) and ENTER.
  5. Once video is loaded, right click on Video and choose SAVE AS.

Voila, Video would be saved on your PC.