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Hi and Welcome to small dot of Salman ke Khayalat on Websphere.

This blog is an attempt to keep all my information (which could range from ideas, from rants to product / movie reviews) in a visual way, a visual repository perhaps. Also, I have a knack of keeping bookmarks to my favorite websites and making them properly tagged, and assigned them keywords. Still with the amount of bookmarks, I feel a better way to document those websites (especially reference ones) is to use a Blog.

The name is Salman… Salman, Khwaja (Feels like the bond intro, doesn’t it). I came across a good idea of turning a small web page into a search engine.

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With time, I do develop small projects, that aid in the my web development. Below are small links to projects, which I have created for Self Promotion, and they are also being used in everyday routines tasks.

  1. Power Seek
    A complete user manual resides here.
    Test drive Power Seek here.
  2. Power test
    test drive your web applications on check for screen sizes here.


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