Typed an Email in Coded language

Today, I was typing an email about asking something from my fellow responders and by typing some mail, I, by chance, asked them something in truly coded manner. Seem like my coding skills are taking over my communication skills. It is these mess ups that we need to avoid when talking / emailing to humans. They might sometimes, think, that we are a bit less human and more computers. Below is the extract from the mail.

Meeting request

How does tomorrow, Tuesday, 06 July 2010 @ 1100 hours sound?

If yes,
   then I will formalize the meeting by sending the meeting request
   propose your free time in this week.
End if

Needless to say, that I didn’t send this format of Email ;). The line breaks were replaced with commas and a complete sentence was formed. May be it’s the Monday blues that’s causing me to do this.

Iqbal Day Tribute :: Anwarama :: Ajab Jehan hai yeh

On this Iqbal day, 09 November 2009, my mom watched a drama on Iqbal day, and then she narrated the story of that to me. The story was so much mesmerizing, that I decided to watch that drama on YouTube. Went to you tube, and there it was.

Thought about sharing it with you.
There was a scarcastic comment on Urdu language about that language being dead.

Urdu ki pareishani
sirf Bolney ke zaban
hindustan ke zaban thi
paida dehli mein hui
ab hindustan mein sirf filmon ki zuban hia
yash chopra ney apni filmon mein zinda rakha hua hai
Jo haal kaum ka hia, wahi Urdu ka hia.

Anyway, here are the videos.

Code on Wedding Cake?

Now this is one fun way to perform weddings. I received this post on Stack Overflow. Thought it should be shared on my blog too.

I’m getting married on April 4th, 2009. My future wife has agreed to let me have actual code on top of the wedding cake. Woot!

There isn’t very much room, four, maybe five lines (it’s only a 6″ cake because the main cake is a bunch of cupcakes).

Any language is okay, Java, JavaScript, XML.

A lot of the people attending the wedding have coded before, so they’ll “get it”.

My name is ‘Robert’ and her name is ‘Tiffany’, some sort of creative use of those names would be cool.

What code would you have on your wedding cake?







Scientific Dating Blogging Service.

Now this is very interesting. I had a nice time, reading the profiles of Scientific Dating Blogging Services. Someone came up with the idea of giving nerds a chance, and to remove the labeling thing.

I really do not know, at times, the show of Star World Bueaty and the Geek makes sense, where both the parties are lost due to their over perceived level of (Brain Development) I should say, in different directions.

The notion of “Birds of a feather flock together” goes well with this URL.

Let me quote a small needs of a Scientist

Name: Matilda, theoretical astrophysics

Looking for: Intelligent hunk interesting in pondering the mysteries of the universe

Favorite color: inky purple, representing far off nebulas

Favorite organism: bacterial organisms found on other plants sustaining life

Hero: Neil Armstrong, Buffy the Vampire slayer

Enjoys: Euclidian Geometry; discussing the properties of dark matter, and of course, astronomy

Ideal First date: star-gazing, planetarium

Favorite TV show: Battlestar Galactica