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My Facebook Account is re-enabled

Man that was a ride back home. I really didn’t knew untill the last moment, when my account was back up. I created another profile and then ended up with my account being restored. It was hell of a communication from Facebook personnel, but then I didn’t like their tone.

They said something like, based on my communication, they are re-enabling my account. My question is, is there any checks and balances on false alarms.?

Facebook, do you perform any such checks. I am sure you do. They are just not good enough.


3 thoughts on “My Facebook Account is re-enabled

    • Well, I can tell you what I did. I informed Facebook, that I am not a BOT. I told them in humanly way, that it might be a false alarm. After three to four exchange of emails, they re-enabled my account.

      Try using feedback[at]facebook[dot]com, or support[at]facebook[dot]com as an email address to corresspond. You must have email from them, that your account is disabled. Use that email thread.

      Wish you good luck.


  1. its more important for me this profil i have my job my family my best friends so please re-enabled ,good job 🙂


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