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Wolfram Alpha :: New Search Engine on the block.

This search Engine, “Computational Knowledge Engine” as they say, is the new search engine on the block. Quite Technical, in terms of the input, but they are targetted on providing almost all the information within one page. Comparing this search engine with google is utter stupidity. People are more accustomed to the shortcuts, lingo particular to Google. Things like

  • define: [Keyword] (Word Definations)
  • 1000 USD in PKR (currency Conversion)
  • Weather Karachi
  • so on and so forth

Wolf ram Alpha, defines their own lingo, but they give full information about any particular topic, places, or thing. For example, typing KARACHI, will provide city population, the map on world plane, current local time, current weather. Some fun things are

  • Enter your Birth date: it will informing you how old are you. Now, ladies, you do not want to try this out.
  • try using IBM GOOGLE to have comparison on their stock positions, Number of Employees, and their market standings
  • try entering “RAMADAN in 2009”, it will be COMPUTING when would ramadan starts in year 2009. Now there is no need to look at the calendar, it there.? I tried the same in google, which in turn gave me links to which I can go and then find the answer.

You can check out the examples of this search engines by going through the following URLs.



I also liked the VISUAL GALLERY of Example


All in all, Wolf Ram Alpha, is a new kid on the block in Search Engine arena, but it should not be compared with Google / Hotmail / Yahoo. It’s a Computational Engine, as they are not an harvesting block, which indexes all the web pages. Both the search engines are like Apples and Oranges.

FYI, this Search Engine is now a part of My developed Search Engine. Head over to


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