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Share expenses, split bills…the easy way

How many times has it happened that you are assigned the task of some colleagues birthday / farewell, and you are made the project / logistics manager of that small work. You have to spend your own money and then after the event and / or before the event you end up asking for money or share from everyone involved. ?

What’s the first thing we do ? We always make a what’s app mini group and then we start asking money on it. Many people do provide their fare share timely, many don’t. They need follow ups, reminders and you being you.. the busy you, still love giving reminders, don’t you. ?

Some people go to the extent of making Excel sheets and maintain everyone else’s fare share. Many people love keeping those Excel sheets on there PC’s and many decide to put that sheet over Google Docs.

I was there….feeling there must be a system to rectify this. Then I came across Split Wise.


This is the app where you can add a group of friends or frequent people who you have lunches with. Then at the time of expense, just let the person who paid, add an expense.

A bill can be added by

Once done, the app sends notifications to participants about how much they owe money and to whom. See the snapshots.

Also, this app is available on Android, iOS, and Web based. (https://www.splitwise.com/)

Plus it has a feature of sending reminder via SMS / email about when you owe someone big amount t for so long and it is pending due. Other wise it keep the expenses and you don’t need to worry about it. Just make sure to enter the expense at the time of lunch / dinner any get together.

This app is also very helpful for those who are sharing their apartments with friends, who are students and office colleagues.

Let us know what do you think about this app and if possible give it a go.

Google play


Web site.

They even have uploaded their source code on GitHub.

So, try split wise and let us know in comments.

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