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Movie Review:: Seven Pounds.

I happened to catch another one of the interesting movie, called Seven pounds. Starring Will Smith. This guy has moved from comedy (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) to action flicks like Bad Boys, MIB (Men in Black). Enemy of the State, to dramatic movies like “In pursuit of Happiness, and now “Seven Pounds”.

He is the actor as well producer in this movie. He acts as a Income Tax collector, who goes to different personnel, who didn’t pay their taxes and accesses their real state. Depending on their state, he either gives them life time reward, or change them the nightmares of income tax.

He then falls in love with one of her (non Income tax) Payee. Almost around when half of the movie is passed, his real character starts to shine, that he is actually helping people in distress.

I really do think why this movie had the name “Seven pounds”. May be because the normal Heart weighs “7 Pounds”. Well that is my perception.

I actually loved this movie, probably because, I really could not see it coming, that he is actually planning for all the thing he planned later. Still, I would say to the reader, that do watch the movie to actually experience the shocking end, you have never guessed.

And if you are really impatient, and want to read the whole story. I HIGHLY recommend you NOT TO. Please, watching the movie is more worth than reading. Still if you are feeling impatient, then navigate to the whole story.

Movie Trailer

Again, I highly recommend not to.

Drama: 5/5
Star Cast: 4/5
Plot: 4/5

Seven Pounds Official Movie Trailer HD


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