My Facebook Account is disabled.

I really can’t feel like enough to blog about, but it’s sad to say that my facebook account is disabled. Now this is a big eff (font size 24, weight bold, underline, and italics) thing to do on part of facebook. Facebook, you are simply out of my list of favorite web-sites.

One fine day, I decided to change the representation of name to “Salman Khwaja سلما ن”. That was all. The next thing, I knew was they didn’t allow to log me in. They said they have found me violating some of their terms and conditions. The details, are off course, kept confidential.

I mean, all I was trying to do is change the representation of my name, and one fine day you (EFF FB) disable my account. I wasn’t doing any spam related activities, any illegal activities, then on what grounds did you disabled my account? I have lost much of a content that I have on Facebook. I have lost all my contents, pictures uploaded, and all the links. I don’t care much about those applications, but I really do not have any other means of getting those back.

I tried emailing them also, but all I received is their automated reply that they have received my application. After a while, I emailed the reminder, the email BOUNCED back at me, saying that the email does not exist. Facebook, a multi million dollar company, is not having that email address with which I was corresponding. There is a limit to professionalism. Anyway, it appears to me that I have no other option to come back to the network with zero activity.

Let me ponder on the benefits and side effects of losing my account and opening a new one.


  • Clean Profile :: A new re-vamped account will be made, with all new contacts. Quite tedious process and timestakingly work, but it will be clean profile. How clean I can keep it up, is up to me…. gosh, I wonder this time, I should think ten times before adding an app.

Side Effects

  • Lost of valuable information like my photos. Photos uploaded by my friends can be retrieved, if they have uploaded and if and only if (sickening) facebook gives me access to re-tag myself.
  • A big time taken activity of adding all my friends, ranging from metric – > inter – > Graduation > work. Man that is long journey.

Waise, by the way, why am I going through such activity. Don’t you have any else to do? Well, one big reason is that man is a social animal and I need to be in touch with my network. Facebook, you have changed the way we communicate. You have changed the communication from boring emails awesome chats, application and all that. Still deep down, you have left a scar on one of your user.

Sorry facebook, your terms and conditions are pathetic.