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To Uber or Careem ?

Uber and Careem have arrived in Pakistan and they are going head to head with each other and let’s face it. Even though people have their means of transportation, we are fed up of those old TAXIs, rickshaws, there sorry state of affairs, and high price rates, which fluctuates through each time of the day. Enter Uber and Careem, which if you plan ahead could provide you ease of travel, you can do many other things while waiting, and you know that the charge will be done depending on how long your ride is, where your car slows down and you know the base fares. Plus add the fact of promo codes. So let’s start it with some dos and donts.

First off, the fares.

Uber has offered Uber Auto (Rickshaws) and Uber GO / VIP in Pakistan. The rates of Uber will be compared head to head with Careem.

Careem has been offering many different rides ranging from Careem Go, Careem Economy, Careem Business and Careem Business WIFI. Here is the minimum fare compared head to head with Uber and Careem.

Careem Go Uber Auto Uber Go / VIP
Base Fair 150 PKR 35 PKR 100 PKR
Cancellation Charges 250 150 150
Moving 11 pkr / km 3 pkr/ km 9.38 pkr / km
Waiting 211 pkr / hour = 3.51 / min 1 pkr / min 2 pkr / min

Keep in mind, that these are base fairs, I have given and they are current as per screen shot provided below. I have just made them available in tabular form for better comparison. Here are the snap shots of careem and Uber fares.

Uber go rates

Uber Auto rates

Uber calculates your fare this way.

Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile * ride distance) + Booking Fee = Your Fare (reference : http://www.ridesharingdriver.com/how-much-does-uber-cost-uber-fare-estimator/) 

It really doesn’t take a rocket science to see who would you prefer if you ran out of Promo Codes. With promo codes, the max you get is 20 – 30 percent off your total bill in careem. If you happen to have some special contacts, then may be, you get to have 50% off your total bill, but that happens very rarely.

I have been riding with Uber and careem for quite some time, and given a choice to go from point a to point b, I would prefer different services. There are news that many new services like limofied is being launched as well.

Still, as the market of mobile taxi is growing, drivers are learning the ropes, they are trying to dogde the system, Uber and careem software team is also struggling to make better software, (yes there are location errors too, being reported from Uber and careem, ) and our customers are also learning the manners.  Many customers, do think that Uber / Careem drivers are not humans, they are merely slaves and should be treated as such.

Just like riders / customers are asked to rate the driver, the Uber and careem software, at drivers end, are also asking to rate the riders too. This will make a forum which is very similar to stack overflow, where an inquirer is rated on his question and a knowledgiable person is rated on his knowledge / answer.
This will in turn make the overall system better with time, and the parties who are trying to make propaganda and or adding salt to different ways this system is out dated, will be better.
I do follow some dos and don’ts whenever i ride in uber / careem. Here are they, hoping for my reader to be better informed and start using this awesome service.

And oh by the way, in case you are just thinking to install Uber / Careem app on your phone and register, do use my links to get free rides yourself and give me some free rides too. It works both ways. Share and Care. Here are my Uber and Careem Invites

Uber Invite


Careem Invite


For those of you who want to read mode on Uber and how to ride properly / humanly as a customer and how does Uber combine time and distance fares, do read the below links.




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