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To Follow up or not to Follow up.

When you are given a task to follow up people, it’s a real pain to follow up and combine the task of following up with 4 to 5 people, it starts getting out of your hands. Afterwards, you start thinking, I wish there was a tool for that. Well for starters, we have a tool called Outlook. This is for those who have the luxury of having Outlook in their working environment. All they need to do is

  • choose the Email to which they need to follow up,
  • RIGHT CLICK and choose one option among the following
    • today
    • Tomorrow
    • This Week
    • Next Week
    • No Date
    • Custom
  • When choosing Custom, you need to provide dates.

Detailed post of reading outlook follow up could be read here.

Keep in mind, that if the email is kept in Outlook INBOX, then the additional pop up will pop in front of you when the time comes. If the email is in other folder, other than INBOX, then this feature does’nt works. So in other words, this feature will only work for PILERS not FILERS. Reminds me of the Self organization Piler versus Filer debate. I am, a FILER, and because of this, the Outlook Feature doesn’t work.

So this was a wrap for those who have the luxury of following up via Outlook. For those on the move, and they need to follow up using any email clients. They need to be used FollowupThen. FollowUpThen is online service to which you can give commands to remind you that follow up when the time comes.





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