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Emergency / Distress Numbers

With the terbulent times of Karachi we are faced with, it is always nice to have some distress numbers handy with you in case an emergency occurs. Imagine,

  • if you or your loved one is met with an accident, or
  • faced with a abduction, or
  • there is Fire Emergency,

you can at least call some numbers on a moments notice and notify the right authorities.

Nowadays everyone is having a smart phone with them, and it truly makes sense, if those numbers are in your Cell phone, in case you need them.

If you are like normal user, all the numbers mentioned below could be saved separately and when need occurs, one could search and dial those numbers. But won’t it be nice, if all these numbers are displayed under one name, be that “Distress numbers” or “Emergency Numbers” and all one has to do is search “Distress Number” or “Emergency Number” and then choose which place / purpose to dial. Be that a Hospital, Fire Brigade, Police, etcetera. See below for an example.

Just an Example when Distress Numbers are displayed on your Mobile. How easy it would be dial them.

Example of Distress Numbers are displayed on one’s Smart Phone as a single contact

If you want to have those numbers in an arranged way, then do follow these procedures.

Download the VCF (V Card File) based on your phone type, or download all of them in Zip format.

The basic most painless way is to download the Gmail Format, (first one), download it, import it in your ( Synced Gmail, that Gmail account which is synced with your phone ) account from your PC. Once imported in Gmail, that contact will appear in your phone, when it goes online and synchs from Gmail.  Gmail support bi-directional sync.  Link to Importing VCF file in Gmail

Alternatively, if you prefer another route, you could download them and then import them using the procedure mentioned below according to your phone types.

In case you do not have a smart phone, we have listed the numbers for your convenience. You can either input them manually or Google it. on how to import the VCF files listed above.

  • AMAN AMB: 1021
  • CHHIPA AMB: 1020
  • EDHI AMB: 115
  • Rescue CDGK: 1122
  • Police: 15
  • KESC: 118
  • SSGC: 1199
  • Fire Bridage: 16
  • Karachi Water and Swerage: 1339
  • Railways: 117
  • PIA: 114
  • CM House: 919
  • Civil Hospital: 02199215742
  • Jinnah Hospital: 02199223307
  • Abbasi Hospital: 02133260400
  • Liaqat Hospital: 111456456
  • PTCL Inquiry: 1217
  • PTCL Complain: 1218
  • Bomb Disposal Squad: 02199212680
  • CPLC: 02135682222
  • City Warden: 02199244561
  • Rangers: 1101

In other words, in the moment of distress, all you need is

  1. to open your phone
  2. search with the contact named “Emergency” / “Distress” or which ever name you have kept.
    If you have marked that contact as your Favourite, then it is more simpler.
  3. Dial the desired contact by tapping on the desired number.

3 steps is all it takes. Quite handy ain’t it.

If all the import export procedures fail, do not panic. The idea is to have these numbers in your cell phone. One can also keep them individually, and by keeping the starting string set as “Distress / Emergency”, so that all the numbers are still visible when searching with “distress / emergency” string.

The basic idea is to have these distress numbers at a moments notice and to use them when needed. Keep them updated, keep them synched with Gmail.

PS: The numbers are current at the time of writing this post. I will try my best to update these number and in VCF file, if you join hands with me to list the distress services in the comments section.

In case you are having any problems, feel free to drop any comments for further feedback.


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