One of my friend is coming to UBUNTU AKA Linux world. This post is being re blogged for his help.


سلمان کے خیا لآ ت

I have installed Ubuntu On my Windows PC and have been enjoying the bells and whistles of Ubuntu since then. I installed it (if I remember it vaguely, October of 2008). Loads of people (Mostly my friends) are asking me how to do this and that. So I decided to document the whole thing. I will be starting with the installation of Ubuntu. The rest will be documented soon.

You need the following things to install Ubuntu on Windows Machine. Windows include Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  1. An Open mind to try UBUNTU. There will be different ways to work, different terminologies to learn. There will be hiccups. So an open mind and an attitude to learn is important.
  2. A basic knowlegde of computers. The difference between a keyboard, mouse display screen and interaction with computer is needed by anyone performing this install. If you do not know what is…

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