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Android :: Desk Clock

When you search for Android tips and tricks, you get many links stating tips and tricks to perform in your andriod phone. One trick I learned this week end, was never mentioned anywhere. At least I could not read it out on the web, so I decided to share it. Here it goes.

There is an App named DESK CLOCK in HTC and ClOCK in Andriod 2,3 (Ginger bread). That app can be used to act your mobile as a Bed time clock.

I am the user, who keeps the cell phone by keeping  a pattern. Whenever I switch on the phone, whenever  a message arrives, an email arrives, I need to unlock the phone by the drawing the pattern and then the phone will be unlocked. So at times, when I am sleeping, when I need to see time, I really need to concentrate and draw the pattern to see the time. Although at the time, of pattern entering the phone does display the time, but that time is stuck in a small corner.

Enter DESK CLOCK. Once you switch on this app, the first thing, you see is current date, along with DAY name, and time fully emersed in your screen and in big fonts.

So to use your desk clock, do the following

  1. Run the Desk Clock on HTC or Clock on your android cell phone.
  2. Lock the phone and go to sleep.
  3. Now when at the middle of night, when you need to see the time, all you need to do is press the power button, and current date along wit day, and time will be displayed on your phone’s display in big fonts, without any unlock prompt, that you may have set, be that, pattern, numeric lock and password.
  4. if you will interact with the clock, then off course, your phone will ask you for the pattern, numeric lock or password.
PS: You may choose the switch to night mode / day mode depending on which time frame of the day, you are looking at the cell phone.

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