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Which Search Engine do you use?

Yesterday, I was searching for some stuff on my research on Home Schooling, and then I was doing the same thing. Opening new tabs, one for Google, one for Bing, one for Yahoo and one for Clusty. Did my searching from all those four tabs, I was in turn opening more tabs. So actually just to perform a quick search, I opening 4 x 2 = 8 tabs. Although with more computing power, it is nothing, but I realized that I was not searching in an effective manner.

It was then, that I suddenly realized that I had an amazing tool at my arsenal, which is Power Seek. A search tool I developed to make my research more easier. It allows me to open up the search results in one window, and perform my search, all while the Search is being displayed right in front of me, and I just switch the Search engine with a click of Combo box / Drop list. Once I change my search engine, the new Search results are displayed in the same smaller window.

Any time, I want the results to be bookmarked, I can just open the Search in new tab, by marking a check on the check box say, OPEN IN NEW TAB. Easy as pie, isn’t it? Oh by the way, for my small number of readers, the Search engine resides at


and its user manual is residing at


So my few readers,

which search engine do you use and why?

2 thoughts on “Which Search Engine do you use?

  1. The text is good and I like the concept you put are too dull. Yes I used IE 😛 but I don’t think it has any issue with colors. by the way, whether you like a browser or not I think you should check on all major browsers.

    Home Schooling !!! are you now three ? 🙂


    • It is checked on all browsers, and yes it works perfectly fine. Even someone from my readers checked it on JAWS browser, Browser for the disabled (or should I say, people with Special Needs).

      Nopes, not yet. Your prayers are needed. I was looking for my niece actually.


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