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Install Software By Clicking a Link in Ubuntu

Installing a new program in Linux is no piece of cake. Either you have to use Add/Remove Applications or you might have to do it the hard way using the Terminal.

This is where Windows take the precedence as it allows one-click installation of programs and softwares. The good news is that it can also be done in Linux with a program called Apturl which allows you to install a program simply by clicking a link.

Now to make a link recognized as an install command, install Apturl using the command below:

sudo apt-get install apturl

Restart your web browser after the installation is complete. Now to make sure that Apturl is active and working, try clicking the bold link below and it should automatically prompt you to install the Gnome Main Menu (more info on the software can be found here)

Install Gnome Main Menu

As you can see that Apturl has helped your browser recognize commands through a link so this is a very useful tool for Ubuntu users. For those complaining about how insecure it is, they should know that Apturl only works with programs in your repositories (which are 100% safe).


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